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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

A glorious morning... the sun is rising the waves are lapping on the shore, the smell of the ocean, what a wonderful sense of being alive. This observation this morning was perfect for realising that I AM still and everything is moving through me.... lying back on the grass looking up at the soft clouds moving, was another reminder that I AM still. A wonderful and simple contemplation on being the observer. I sense Huge waves of light coming in now expanding consciousness for all who are open, for me felt like "this must be what the after life is like" everything is brighter, more beautiful, more peaceful. softly I heard the last of the old leaving...

Everything I perceive with my human senses is a vibration and as I remembered to sense pure energy from negative energy, I began to feel lighter as well remembering how I used to be, joyous, light, free, blissfully creating as an expression of my divineness . There is a much bigger organising frequency to the universe, than I could even imagine, and we as a human species are in a place right now, with the ability to get in alignment with our higher frequency from within. Like sound, Colour is a language that speaks to us on a vibrational frequency accessed through the sensory realm.... and my expression is the use of colour as a frequency of sensory perception. When allowing one is aligned with this higher frequency energy through the paintings, It is viewing life through the senses, that leads one to their own true inner beauty.

The Artist appreciates in AWE the beauty of creation itself , without taking anything from it... I heard a wonderful line the other day..." how do you put a price on a creative work? ... You pay to show it has value to you "... what a great validation of the awe of creation.

When humanity starts to understand that this is a universe of energetic frequency, it will be very exciting indeed. We are all finely tuned instruments /conduits of this , and it is our level of consciousness that determines the vibrational note that is played as our soul song. We are pure potential waiting to wake up to the greater part of our being. In my opinion, this is what is available for all who are ready this year, it is so exciting.

It has taken a long time for the planet to get here, and I feel for those who are going through #difficulty letting go of the old way of mind being the dominant force.

In my earlier experience as a yoga & meditation teacher I learned that one doesn't have to let go of the mind completely, It means allow the inner guidance to be the guiding force of life, and mind then settles in to its place of being of service to the divine intelligence within . This has been apparent in the world for eons manifesting as the struggle of duality. The inner and the outer in constant conflict.

While saying "no more" to the outer conflict is a necessary part of the transition process out of the old. the action does not have to be loud and offensive, attacking and trying to destroy, which is a root chakra primal animal survival instinct or protection mechanism that sees everyone and everything as a "threat" without the understanding that the "battle" is going on inside between "aspects" (ego mind/divine intelligence ). There is a narcissistic nature that emerges when the ego wants to make itself right and others "wrong", me first, to try to convince itself and justify its unconscious behaviour as acceptable when it is not. This is when one becomes a danger to themselves and others. It is important to recognise this.

What is being offered now is consciousness, a new way forward for all , one of Respect, kindness and sharing (heart energy) and a connection to the sensory realm beyond the five human senses. The navigation is from within each of us. Like all great artists were here to make a difference in the world... Now maybe they will be understood, as portraying creation itself.

Like great art, all of creation when understood for its intrinsic value and not used as dictator of lives, then becomes a valuable tool, for transformation.

There are many tools one can use to stay in balance, ... here are some of them #Hatha Yoga & Meditation, #A guide/ teacher who has accessed their own wisdom, #and of course nature. With respect for all these heart centred selfless beings, who have raised their own vibration so that they may assist others at this time of great change on the planet.

Never forget ones form is just a piece of the planet, just like the trees, plants and all living beings. At some point each will drop this form and our essence will live on.

Living from soul is a different way of being, it is from the place of no judgement yet a very clear sense of everything, Sensual does not mean sexual, it means extra sensory (internal), it is pure Tantra... it is in the flow of ones own energy.

The creator enjoys all from the ecstatic bliss en-body .. The joy, the beauty, the magic, the fun ... it is a joyous appreciation of life.

It is my absolute pleasure to offer workshops and art classes to help those interested in connecting to their inner guidance at this very exciting time of change on the planet. Details are on my website .

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