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What's new?...

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

A new perspective ..

This mornings joyous observation.... the air is chilly the leaves have turned red, orange, yellow & brown and fallen eventually returning to the soil from which the trees gained their nutrients, now the leaves become the nutrients themselves. It is the cycle of existence.

Evolution is the same as creation, #Life is a miraculous and constant unfolding, the only requirement is that the doer observes and then merges with the silence within. That pure breath of life surrenders as the is-ness, this is creation.

I have been playing with gold pigment and using it in various ways, totally en-joy and #free of the need to make sense of it all. This I feel is the energy of this time some are facing at the moment. For many years now I have written about and painted the sensory realm the #unknown mostly unseen realm, It is beyond mind/ thought.

Forgetting everything that has been said, all of the new age banter, and books on enlightenment and awakening they only go so far as to bring more intellectualising of a very simple state that cannot be contextualised. Ultimately it can only point to what is not. There is a space that is pre verbal a deep state so pure so magnificent, that using words to explain will only taint it.


Responsibility now takes on a whole new level of commitment, it is also where we may Face the darkness of our own False beliefs... I will briefly speak of my experience of this... It was confusing making this transition a few years ago, being with others, who were based in time, while most of my work as an artist is accessed in silence (the present moment).

When one is living in ones own truth, the opinions or actions of others don't matter as much, if at all, its like watching a bad reality TV drama. I could see the drama and chaos of the limited time based reality. While wanting to detach, the seduction of connection was also strong. My timeless reality was totally #incongruent with the fixed mind, emotion based reality. I also noticed while interacting with that realm of expectation and conformity, I could not create. They are games of control. It's to bring one down to a lack of power, so they can play their "better than/not good enough" human games of power,.. so boring.

Timeless " is-ness" is so completely #different . You are that is=ness.

This was a huge piece of the puzzle in understanding the fall of consciousness,. It felt like my life-force was being extinguished, (a death). The overlay of a thick heavy cloud of psychobabble, thoughts /gravity (suppression) goo.

The shattering of the personal "I" is excruciating. It was confusing at the time how to navigate through this.

I now speak of this time on the planet, ( as I have done for the past 3 years) as the story of Adam and Isis, The aligning of human and divine. So what was the wound of Adam? This is not based on gender, we all have a masculine aspect within us, as long as we remain in a duality mind set. Not knowing how to heal this, or what this aspect even is, is the very basis of duality/separation. Since Atlantean times.

The energy of Isis is, the purity of the soul, Knowing, Graceful, creative, intuitive, sensual, divine, The Adam Cadmon brings the soul creations into being. There is no power here. No games of seduction, no needs. This purity of being knows no separation, it is not duality based it is the two sides of each of us.

The story of Isis and Adam Cadmon, ... In Yoga it is called Yoking which means union.

This one moves through life with respect for all of life with the understanding that there is no separation .

We are entering the time of A new species. The integrated One, living GRACEFULLY has no gender.

This is not for the faint of heart, because what is called for is a death, of the personal "I".

This revelation can be shocking for some, however, having gained the wisdom of this experience, The death like shattering of all that was falsely perceived as true comes into clarity. All healing of the body takes place naturally, as a result of transcending the realm of collective mind. Making way for the humbling Magnificence of more of " I AM ".

There is no false humility, when pure knowing is present, there is no duality, no one and no time.

Each Completely unique in our expression, with a knowing of our presence on earth. The responsibility is to transform ones self.

There has been a huge influx of light frequency coming in for months now, upgrading all of #humanity, if one is open hearted and sensitive one feels it... Being open and allowing the shifts and changes makes it easy to ride with this energy. It is a sensory realm, open hearted care of all living beings becomes a way of life. Seeing the world through open eyes, one sees the perfection of all of life.

Humanity is in this very transition process right now... the chaos from dark/dense energy to the light of pure heart/soul. a large part of this dense energy is based on external focus survival and judgement. The lighter clearer energy is unto itself, as service to the whole.

It all begins the day one decides .. to stop relying on the external to determine who one is. This begins the journey back to self which is the true love that every human has been searching for, for lifetimes. This is a deep deep inward journey of love, one that can never be extinguished or taken away, because it is not reliant on anything or anyone other than self.

All the density must be transmuted through the physical body. Physical pain and illness is a result of stuck energy, a fixed mindset of duality, good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, black/white, male/female, all duality must be resolved within for more clarity to come in.

Silence and presence...

In the space of silence one is in the presence of is-ness nothingness, before the mind comes in to qualify the is-ness. Artist Agnes Martin explains it perfectly... the intellectual needs to quantify or contextualise everything it experiences. Rather than realising in the silence / emptiness that one is the content of this vast field of all potentials .

Remember, feel and live your own Divine Sacred inner-connection fully, your pure immense Universal-Heart-Knowling/Divine Intelligence that only you hold within . Bring this forth for sharing, working together and accomplishing that which we all came here to BE and DO through Purity-Love and Wisdom. Your own light is where all exists... ♥ Namaste.

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