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Remain as love....

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I wonder if this resonates with others too. There is a very different feeling in the air this morning.. A massive shift has taken place once again, I couldn't quite verbalise it yesterday, I had to sleep on it, although I didn't get much sleep as usual.

WOW!!!! It's been such a busy month energetically.

As an empath from childhood, I had to learn to discern what I was feeling. My sensory perception was all over the place. As a result I preferred to be alone and create, paint, garden, sing, play etc. It took many years to refine these sensory skills, now I see it as an asset and not a burden. It is a powerful tool to feel everything and choose where I place my focus & how I perceive things. For example I can open fully and allow everything, with wisdom for everyone & everything no matter what is going on, because the identity as a separate being has been unmasked. I am just appearance without an identity😍🙏🏼 . no boundary, pure loving awareness as a body, in a holographic game.

It is a very powerful time and I sense there is much confusion in the world.

I have noticed some interactions this month, where i stumbled, when I ask a simple question, they come back with a reply that felt robotic/ programmed . Also noticed past interactions coming back with a very different vibe too, much compassion. My understanding is that there are so many layers, it is simply what is happening ... and it is all okay, seeing the diversity of the whole game, from a place of complete neutrality and understanding.

What a gift it is being skilled at sensory perception. Choosing how I feel & enjoying every moment, knowing everything is simply a game.

This is indeed a very beautiful way of being, it is true freedom.

Empaths and highly sensitive sensory beings were often seen as victims, but in fact the opposite is true. Intelligence is being able to use the whole body to read and sense everything seen, heard, thought, felt, as essential tools to navigate in the hologram. There is Multidimensionality, bi- location and so much more... Funny how I was told that I needed help... hmmmm!! 🤔 no thank you... "I just refused to fit into the tiny brain box" 🤣 senseless world.

Instead there is so much to sense & enjoy as part of me , beauty & joy.

Remain as Love, open. and free... love is the miracle of having a body... there is nothing to achieve , enjoy what is.

Today is one of those days when I can look back at all that I have created and experienced in life with & as the wisdom of pure love (awareness).

The hilarious conclusion is ...Realising the freedom was always here, I was always home.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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