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The great mystery of resonance...

Remember the saying in the beginning was the word? ... anything that is given a word (ie; called something) takes on its agreed meaning in the mind or minds of the collective. It's how we have communicated as a society for eons, but what if there is another way of communicating that is much clearer. Beyond language and into the sensory realm we begin to vibrate and communicate in a much clearer way. To reach this state we come back into the stillness, the silence, the purity of allowing being-ness, connect with the resonance, some call this magic or synchronicity. All needs and wants dissolve, they belong to the separate identity.

What was prophesied as the end times .... is in fact the grand unveiling that there is no separate identity. In actuality nothing ends except the story of a person. There is no one that becomes Enlightened. It is the unveiling of the One ultimate love, that needs nothing, judges nothing, desires nothing,

When one can say I AM and know it to be true... this is Honouring that consciousness is all there is. Not a thing, ... words become inadequate, instead it is a resonance or heart knowing, that replaces mind regurgitated facts. This state cannot be quantified.

Someone once said to me "I don't know what love is anymore", that was 20years ago, and also explained why he could not accept what was right in front of him, maybe it was too grand a sensation to be worthy off. I experienced this again in 2015, It was then that I fully realised what was being radiated as true essence, that which is unnamable, and the search was over.

We are here, in physical form to uncover/ recognise the source of our very being, and that of every other life as well. It is huge and yet so very subtle.

The play of duality is for this ultimate recognition. It is the relinquishing of all power.

Resting deeply at the core of every being, is this deeply peaceful joy, to call it love seems so inadequate. Innocent, pure, soft and untarnished, I would say child like openness, yet with so much Wisdom, having Mastered the world of duality. Yet Love is the chosen word.

Thy self, watching what comes and goes, in complete neutrality, is the only thing that's consistent.

The end of delusion and the beginning of truth, allowing everything that is or isn't in alignment with truth, to just be, takes wisdom & mastery...

Words have many meanings, and often adds to the confusion and misunderstandings of some teachings. On the one hand there are newly awakened ones trying to teach something that cannot be explained in words. And yet others that are frustrated with spiritual cliche's but haven't yet recognised, they are that. All in all it is just more mind noise.

I have played many character roles along the way to mastery... The betrayed love, the victim, compassionate listener, The Artist, the teacher, the mother, loss, sadness, frustration, denial etc. on & on it went until finally the recognition that I need nothing. Once all experiences my human had, were accepted as the one ultimate love ... the journey in duality was complete.

The highest teaching is silence. Love simply is.
"Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love." - Claude Monet.

Poetry that points to this recognition. Art that evokes this resonance in the viewer...

Is a giving of ones true self and an acceptance of all others, that is the ultimate gift,

love simply is.

The heaviness of needing to survive or fearing death is dissolved in the knowing, and one moves away from the limitation of believing we are only this earthly body/mind.

It is indeed a returning to ' unconditional love' and taking a magical ride into realms yet to be explored through knowning-ness ... that takes a soul being Over the rainbow.

Here the love pointed to is the true self, it brings tears to my eyes to remember how many lifetimes I had tried to feel loved & safe. It is all within, now safe to be in an unsafe world, while traversing many dimensions within & without as a magical co-creator.

Namaste 💖🙏🏼

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