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shedding the Ego...

I'd like to point out the loop that is often stuck on repeat lifetime after lifetime. It is the ego's refusal of ones true nature, fear of vulnerability that keeps the program of the jungle going... The jungle is for transcendence when ever one is ready. Not for projecting onto others, pulling others in to make it feel more comfortable in its jungle, damning others for leaving it's jungle etc;. One is free right now. It is the ego that is afraid of dying, because the ego is the imposter/illusion. Awareness is what is truly here right now, silent, present, and aware of all the ego's shenanigans. There is no need to suffer another minute.

Abide in fearless freedom of divine nature. There is no other, no perticular identity, and there is no one to defend against. Ones self alienation from ones true being

Fear of vulnerability is what is keeping one from true joy. That cannot be harmed in any way.

The energies have been chaotic the last few days, but remaining as presence awareness, it is easy to see the difference. It is not simply love & light and all are one, so let's accept it all, NO !! There is clarity of what you are and what is acceptable in your world . If you accept the dualistic realm of fear or hierarchy, then you will be battling this energy again. I recognised the parasitic energy of dualistic psycho babble insisting I had work to do. Do not fall for this. You are free right here, right now.

No skin in the game, as the saying goes. It has been an interesting week for sure, energies were all over the place. I have been watching the nonsense and simply saying interesting concept, look within yourself. Anyone who says Its all your energy is bypassing the fact that there are still some who are living in the dream state, and have not recognised true nature. It's not all love and light. As an empath it becomes a constant batting back other peoples concepts of what is real. ITS EXHAUSTING !! I say a firm NO MORE. Love is the balanced natural state of being, compassion &

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