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The changing of the Guard ... 2022 into the unknown...

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Notes from my journal of experiences 2011/14 & 2017.

I felt compelled to draw on my past journal notes to bring forth aspects to recognise as the old ways crumble making way for the recognition of the true I ....

In the first few weeks of this year observe if there is any of the old still lingering....

When in contact with heavy/dense energies I felt drained, dragged down, tired, bored, argumentative, and down right awful. This could be people, places, things you do, watch or read.

Be aware of the mind games. Such as competition, superiority, greed, status, arrogance, false security, etc, all energy feeding tactics of the unaware, old paradigm, which is crumbling. This energy does not know how to sustain itself it just bullies and takes, consuming more and more, it's modus operandi is what can I get, (which comes from lack).

This is where the growth is, for example if someone criticises you or says something you don't like, instead of defensiveness or righteous anger, If you can step back, and let it go ... you have raised yourself to a higher state. Until one day when someone reacts from their ego you don't engage, instead you see value in the contrast. The old way of needing external energy to sustain a perceived self is obsolete.

As we begin a new year in a whole new way... there may be a feeling of disconnect from all of the past, and even from the outside world, and by that I mean one has fully accepted and integrated all aspects of the (perceived self). There is a whole new way of being, which was always here.

The main difference between the old and the new is .... you no longer need or take from anything or anyone .... instead one uplifts others simply by ones presence alone.

One is at peace with everything from a purified place, now openness is a knowing of that safety deep deep within, the silent still ever present being is what is here, (words fall short to explain).

The purified state is a deep deep peace, a knowing that all is indeed well, it can never not be.

From this all knowning arises.

One has gone beyond linearity and into the realms of multidimensionality.

There is a natural way in which the physical works now... through the senses, I have used art & often music as an example of these states. A feeling of joy, of ecstasy bubbles up from within, in recognition of what was always here, there is a lightness of being.

The joy and love experienced has nothing to do with anything external.

it is a bliss that is our innate nature..... Energy now is in service to the being ness always was really. And it all exists in the now/present moment.

Heaven on Earth it is, and is all within each one of us. Bringing it down to the earth plane is where wisdom and surrender has been mastered.

Feel the awe & gratitude for all that it took to get here

This wisdom is pure self love....

The I AM body/free energy needs little food to sustain itself. There may be a feeling of light headedness, floating, or dizziness. I remember falling a few times while out walking.

One needs more time alone in silence, while the mind is being replaced with many more senses opening up.

Colours are more intensified and everything has a magical quality to it.

The senses are exquisite ... its like you have realised for the first time, that you are here with a body to feel everything through.... everything is new. Feeling 🥰 colours, music, art, dance, trees, rocks, animals, flowers, everything feels new... everything is you.... hehehe!!!! one can't contain the giggles 🤣, The joy is childlike. Timeless-ness.

The main difference is ... you no longer need anything external .... you are the ever flowing river without beginning or end....

There is an awe of being in the presence of infinite awareness....

one may find that certain people are drawn to this energy but might not know why.

I have painted & written about artists and the vibration that certain paintings emit, they change those who come in contact with them, music probably is a good example of this ...

Can you feel these tones in these voices with every cell of your being ?....

Sense & feel openly without any fear.... for what I am can never be stolen.

Namaste 🙏🏼🌟💖.

Please go to the contact page if you would like a session on recognising simplicity with me . Thank You for your support.

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