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Art & the Realm Walker...

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

I love how great Art speaks to the times we live in so perfectly. In 2013 I began painting my inner journey. I was completely confused because it didn't fit the genre I had been painting before, yet I felt compelled to express it. They were spontaneous and it would tell me when it was done. Magic was all around. In those days I taught Meditation. In hind sight meditation & chanting were key components in my process. Sitting in silence is important to bring one into the present moment & effortless being or allowing or what yogi's call surrender, and the sounds in chanting have high resonance.

Earlier this year I posted an article about why some paintings are so expensive. And it caused the appropriate reaction from rational minds, and is a great understanding of the unraveling taking place now. The painting I featured was part of Cy Twombly's Bacchus series... that depicted the excesses and breaking the conventions of time. This is not dissimilar to why the world is now experiencing uncertainty and anxiety, It is the unknown, beyond rational mind.

It's out with the old rigid rules that confined humans to time/linearity and in with something so radically new that the mind simply cannot understand it. It is the flipping of the tables, so to speak. We have operated in such a limited way for thousands of years and now the time of massive change is here. But without understanding, anxiety ensues.

Humanity is going from the known ... life is happening to me, to the anxiety of living in the unknown. It's a time of complete upheaval. I have great compassion for humanity.

"In the unknown" 2013 oil on linen 5 x3 ft

It can begin with a simple question... Who are we and why are we here?

The nature of being is to become, to evolve, to recognise what we already are.

Pointing to the truth can sometimes be difficult when the mind jumps in with concepts. Its like the mystics finger pointing to the moon, but the student looking at the finger and completely missing the moon. The truth cannot be given to you, it has to be recognised by you. Most often with clear compassionate guidance.

Then with awakening one realises life is happening for me, and this takes a dissolving process of the mental activity of thoughts & emotions, while feelings & senses are opening up & heightened. I must caution that none of this is simple without the proper guidance, (there are Pitt falls).

Eventually taking one back to the ultimate truth, the effortless being of existence.

The nature of being is pure consciousness, Brahman or God. We are each an individual expression of this pure consciousness, Atman or soul.

The recognition I Am that I Am... Thy will, one is a channel of co-creation... life is happening through me, the free being. Here, time does not exist. All realms open up within to explore. The Realm Walker. (Once again I must caution that with every step there can be Pitt falls).

A good life is enjoying the beauty in everything and realising we are that also. When we do we will not hurt another, judge or take from another... greed & selfishness will no longer be a way of life. Instead we live life as a gift, sharing our knowledge & wisdom that hopefully will inspire & help others ....

Enjoy Artist Haidee Becker.... Painting a picture of the Good Life.

Namaste 💖🙏🏼

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