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The truth is... You really were always free ...

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Sunday 12th Sept 2015 and Now.

There is something magical about today. A wonderful quiet morning stroll,

The cool breeze, the warm sun, the birds singing, while bee's and butterflies enjoy the nectar of spring flowers, in the silence of mind everything is allowed to be felt in joyous celebration of life. As I gazed about I feel the Awareness of all things...

There was a clear knowing I had lived an impeccable life, (not a word my human would have used 😅sigh!! ) even in the face of adversity, as Awareness, held my integrity & loving kindness for the choices other's made. And that nothing was truly lost. It struck me that we see everything that seemingly happened in the life of the human experiencer so differently when viewing from this impersonal perspective.

When I arrived back from my stroll, I dozed off for 20 mins, then eager to share this clarity, to help others see what's true.

The greatest truth of all is, we were never born and we never die, this realisation is true freedom. We are all infinite consciousness having a human experience. Yes the body may seemingly die.

There are no words to describe this.... as awareness, there is going deeper into seeming emptiness the more expansive this is... resting as infinite awareness there is total freedom and awareness of limitless-ness, always held safely within .

Every day there is amazement at the gifts that have unfolded, sometimes cloaked in sadness & disappointment, even discombobulation, yet, they were some of the greatest gifts, the depth of experience through contrast. To ultimate revelation.

I remain as awareness & effortless being, gracefully ...

As Living consciousness, Observing all realms within and without.

Observing the vastness of limitless infinite #consciousness I AM.

It's really very simple, I offer simple recognition of ones true nature, in 1 hour sessions via zoom, for anyone interested. Details are on the contact page on this website.


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