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There is an abundance of beauty everywhere...

I woke up this morning to a sense of unpleasant energy in the air. I have felt compelled to write a message for a few days ... When there is chaos out there, turn attention inwards and shine brightly.

There is an abundance of #positive energy and love everywhere if you only feel it, it evokes that same energy that is lying dormant within you. It is that simple.

Everything has conscious intelligence, there is nothing that isn't, every cell in our body is intelligence, and everything is connected to the infinite field of intelligence.

Our true nature/ #consciousness is kindness, #happiness Peace and love ... Just look around in nature for how to live on earth, the flowers put on a quiet display, they shine with beautiful joyful, alive and vibrant energy for all to enjoy, . The trees give fruit and shade to humans abundantly, They provide oxygen for us to breath. The sun is warm and uplifting. The birds sing and fly around in constant curiosity. The cold fresh water of a lake to enjoy. There is an abundance of positive energy and love everywhere. If we recognise the same place of unconditional love and connection within us, we see it all around us.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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