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This is a story about Alice...

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Alice was a very unique little girl, she played with the plants and creatures insects and elements of the earth, having no doubt that they were all alive. Everyday she would race home from school and return to her garden, where she felt joyously free.

Years went by and Alice grew into a #creative woman, with a mission that was pre destined.

To live the joy of her soul and share her wisdom and gifts with those who where open to it.

She went through life having all manner of experiences. Alice could see & sense beyond what was spoken, what she noticed, was the lack of #integrity & deception in so many humans. Alice would simply question integrity and if the reply she got back was one of denial or deflection she would calmly walk away. Alice's friend Suzie would say why don't you fight back? common take a stand Suzie would say, Not necessary said Alice, It was clear they are not ready for the truth. One day they will #awaken and they may remember what they had heard or experienced.

The wisdom to choose a heartfelt joyous experience is a gift said Alice beaming. Alice had mastered the art of playing in multiple realms, that is such value for those who #appreciate it.

What ever & who ever no longer wanted to party with her, no longer showed up in her reality... She simply danced her way with those who wished to experience the joy of being the creator of their choice. Alice had learned to play with the elements of creation, and she shared her wisdom with those who were interested in, or of the same #freedom.

#SimplyRecognise ...what are you under the influence of ?

There is only love, so be uncompromising, shine & radiate joy everywhere...

There comes a point where #consciousness knows it self fully, and when that happens if a (mind) comes along they are either transformed or run away dazed. So be kind, don't through rocks. Innocence and purity is the simple #magnificence the mind cannot possibly understand.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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