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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

A time of uncovering truth, and liberation.

One arrives at a place of no longer resisting anything or anyone. The need to fix is seen as part of duality. The polarity of needing to improve or fix, is in fact resisting what is. Instead there is discernment and one silently rests in the awareness of what is. No seeking anything.

This morning the final piece fitted in for this post... Rotational spin from power to Love.

This past week I gifted my body with all the things she loves, new hair style, music & movement, spring cleaning & planting summer vegetables,... and this morning I leaped out of bed to greet the morning. Oh how I love this feeling of pure rapture, soft yet strong, kind yet not weak, exquisite joy, respectful and wise, ... constantly lovingly creating a new. This reminded me of how I have created in the past, over & over again.

A quote from Salvador Dali shared by a friend summed up this state of being that has never left ... "What wonderful things is this Salvador Dali going to accomplish today?" Agnes Martin said something similar every morning. Artists knew this profound way of being ... 1 +1 = 3

Creator within creation.

I'm sure those like my self who have walked this path for more than 20years (actually I see it began way back in the early 80's).... have been feeling weary of late, constantly being told ... you are wrong, you are wrong, you are wrong. Like a dripping tap that can wear down even the toughest stone. However the ultimate paradox is, it may have washed away the original false belief carried for eon's of time ... " DOUBT of who we really are" . For old souls this could date way back to Atlantan times, as the Foundational belief that held all other stressful and limiting beliefs, of being "just a human", trying to find our way back home.

Who started indoctrinating us? and when did we agree to be led by the unawake? Giving away our power is the price we pay.

Ah !! But this has been the hologram of mass consensus, (conform in order to survive).

Once we see through this fundamental flaw, all other programmed limiting beliefs are seen as having no substance what so ever. It's a game of duality humans play, all very damaging and feels very heavy and restricting really.

We are here to expand and grow beyond the limitations of mind. Learning to bypass space and time, has been just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The work that has been done for the past 18yrs ( 2lots of 9) is now becoming clear, and how simple it really is to access all one needs to enjoy life on earth.

We were always the embodiment of immense abundance, Love and Joy. But we use our gifts in a very limited way as humans, essentially based on the known. Freedom to explore is the essence of our being. Just observe a child before the age of two, they embody all the qualities of presence. Our true nature can never be destroyed, we just shut down to survive. But we no longer have to, when we learn to navigate through the density of gravity, as we break through into new uncharted territory .

In my last writing ... I suggested that this is what Eckhart Tolle meant when he said " die before you die". The enormity of who we are is the ultimate truth and cannot be denied, no matter who is uncomfortable with an example of purity & uniqueness... (not following the rules of conformity).

The game of duality can be over with, at anytime one chooses.

When you realise that duality was just a game of realising who we really are,.. All the lies we believed dissolve. You will smile, or cringe, for the game one has played needlessly. But the rewards are far grander than the limitations of duality. It's all a dream, until we wake up.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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