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Great mystical work...

Updated: Feb 21

The French philosopher Descartes said "I think therefore I am". We could say this is the perspective of the personal identity or separate self.

Astrologers might say the green comet ZTF and Leo full moon may have contributed to the intensity of great change upon us now.... compressing & pushing out all that is standing in the way of the Ultimate truth of being... Again, this is placing the power outside of our selves. In order to understand the truth one must eventually turn deeply within.

Descartes had not gone deep enough, where the ultimate truth is uncovered. Mystics know they are a temporary expression of the one infinite truth... " I am THAT I am".

Awareness & the physical body.

Remaining in a physical body while everything shifts and changes around us, can feel topsy turvy and scary. But, you are not going crazy. It is a natural process of evolution, and we are learning how to live as evolved beings on the planet. Beyond the separate masculine or feminine identity and into singularity or non duality, as an expression of the divine.

Paradoxically true safety is letting go, and sinking deeper into the seeming nothingness where ultimate truth lies. it is simply allowing everything we thought we were to open up to a new way of recognising what is true, and living from that state of being. It is like a painter having the vision she is compelled to communicate, then surrendering to the process, pushing and pulling the paint into a cohesive image of tone, value, shapes and composition, one could say, to convey the energy and message. Here the painter is just the conduit to bring forth the message... having recognised her true state of being she is complete.

There's nothing to change, nothing to improve. In silence is where we find what we have all been looking for. Beauty, peace, expansive sublime recognition of who we truly are. Some may call it Mystical...

Our true wealth, value and beauty is not found in objects. So if the world feels like it is being turned upside down & inside out ... See it as finally putting right this misperception of constant seeking for beauty & happiness externally, when it is right here now.... as being aware of being aware.

It is our true inheritance. It is the real reason why we are here now.

I first had an experience of this connection years ago, Then again when I saw a painting by Mark Rothko at the National Gallery of Victoria, and again when I heard an interview with Agnes Martin. The nameless carries a vibration that sparks a recognition in others.

In silent yoga & meditation, (Yoga means union) I eventually began to make the connection, and saw life as a tapestry of experience. In other words the world as the human mind believes to be real, is not as it appears to be ... The over looked treasure lies deep within the viewer. That which cannot be named, is the essence of all authentic creation.

Although, often referred to as the Goddess energy, because of the subtle, quiet, peaceful nature. It is in fact genderless, nameless, it is the very essence of all beings.

So as we, as humanity, evolve with compassion & wisdom, for those struggling at present, there is a recognition & reverence that they too will in time make this discovery. And as a consequence of humanities evolution the antiquated ways of the lower mind of separation dissolves.

I am sure this way of thinking affected many Artists as well, I know that I certainly struggled with doubt, until I felt worthy to accept the humbling truth of.... I am THAT I am.

Art and the spiritual Mystics,

Great art stands the test of time. Hilma af Klint , Agnes Martin & Wassily Kandinsky painted some of the master pieces of the unexplained nature of creation...

A truly great work of art has the ability to evoke in the viewer the beauty of our shared being. That, is leaving behind something of Great value for the world.

Here I'd like to share the works of Sweedish artist Hilma af Klint ...

Namaste 💖🙏🏼

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